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Transportation Statistics: Malaysia Vs UK

Transportation stats: Malaysia vs United Kingdom

  Malaysian Transportation stats

  British Transportation stats

Aircraft departures175,500985,300

Ranked 22nd.Ranked 2nd. 5 times more than Malaysia

Air transport, freight > million tons per km2,577.58 million tons/km5,998.43 million tons/km

Ranked 13th in 2005.Ranked 8th in 2005. 133% more than Malaysia
Container port traffic12,027,050 TEU8,598,891 TEU

Ranked 7th in 2005. 40% more than United KingdomRanked 12th in 2005.
Driving side of the road > Left or rightLeft sideLeft side

Highways > Paved49,935 km371,913 km

Ranked 23rd in 1999.Ranked 5th in 1999. 6 times more than Malaysia
Highways > Paved (per capita)2.2 km per 1,000 people6.3 km per 1,000 people

Ranked 35th in 1999.Ranked 13th in 1999. 185% more than Malaysia
Highways > Total65,877 km371,913 km

Ranked 31st in 1999.Ranked 7th in 1999. 5 times more than Malaysia
Highways > Total (per capita)2.9 km per 1,000 people6.3 km per 1,000 people

Ranked 67th in 1999.Ranked 29th in 1999. 116% more than Malaysia
Highways > Unpaved15,942 km0 km

Ranked 38th in 1999.Ranked 108th in 1999.
Merchant marine > A noteincludes some foreign-ownedships registered here as a flag of convenience: Australia 1, China 1,Germany 2, Hong Kong 15,Indonesia 3, Japan 4, Monaco 1,Philippines 2, Singapore 78,South Korea 2, Vietnam 1 (2002 est.)includes some foreign-owned shipsregistered here as a flag of convenience:Bermuda 1, Cyprus 1, Denmark 21,Germany 6, Greece 3, Hong Kong 4, Italy1, Monaco 4, Netherlands 1, Norway 9,Russia 1, South Africa 2, Sweden 11,Taiwan 2, United States 5 (2002 est.)

Merchant marine > Total > Dwt8,364,578 Dwt12,315,588 Dwt

Ranked 23rd in 2007.Ranked 18th in 2007. 47% more than Malaysia
Motor vehicles641 motor vehicles per 100 p426 motor vehicles per 100 p

Ranked 3rd. 50% more than United KingdomRanked 19th.
Pipelines > All typescondensate 279 km; gas 5,047 km; oil 1,841 km; refined products 114 km (2004)condensate 370 km; gas 21,446 km; liquid petroleum gas 59 km; oil 6,420 km; oil/gas/water 63 km; refined products 4,474 km (2004)

Pipelines > Total length7,281 km32,832 km

Ranked 36th.Ranked 11th. 4 times more than Malaysia
Ports and harborsBintulu, Kota Kinabalu, Kuantan, Kuching, Kudat, Labuan, Lahad Datu, Lumut, Miri, Pasir Gudang, George Town (Penang), Port Dickson, Port Kelang, Sandakan, Sibu, Tanjung Berhala, Tanjung Kidurong, TawauAberdeen, Belfast, Bristol, Cardiff, Dover, Falmouth, Felixstowe, Glasgow, Grangemouth, Hull, Leith, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Peterhead, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Ramsgate, Scapa Flow, Southampton, Sullom Voe, Teesport, Tyne

Speed limit > Speed limits in specific countries > Within Towns40-6050 (30mph)

Travel services > % of commercial service exports45.45 %15.33 %

Ranked 70th in 2005. 196% more than United KingdomRanked 115th in 2005.
Vehicle abundance12.81 per square km101.4 per square km

Ranked 45th.Ranked 9th. 7 times more than Malaysia
World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations > participating countries > Code5211

Ranked 1st. 4 times more than United KingdomRanked 34th.


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